When the principal investigator of the overall project is at another institution


  • Has performance measured against whether the objectives of the program are met
  • Has responsibility for programmatic decision-making
  • Has responsibility for adherence to applicable program compliance requirements

then UNMC is considered a subrecipient.  The other organization, as our "sponsor," generates a subaward agreement and "flows down" the terms of the prime source of funding.  As a subrecipient, UNMC is entitled to Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs and ownership of Intellectual Property.


  • Provides goods and services within normal business operations
  • Provides similar goods or services to many different purchasers
  • Operates in a competitive environment

then UNMC is considered a vendor.  Vendor agreements are handled by UNMC Business Services.

At the proposal stage

In addition to the appropriate internal forms, SPAdmin requires the following documents for UNMC's part prior to submission to the other institution:

  • Intent to Form a Consortium, to be signed by UNMC’s authorized official (SPAdmin’s signature signifies that we understand our obligations and authorize the other organization to submit a proposal containing commitments on UNMC’s behalf)
  • Statement of Work
  • Budget justification
  • Copy of any other documentation the other institution requires; e.g.
    • Detailed budget
    • Biographical sketch
    • Resources page

At the award stage

SPAdmin requires a subaward agreement for negotiation from the other institution that includes:

  • Statement of work
  • Detailed budget
  • CFDA number (if the source of funding is federal)
  • Documentation of terms and conditions
  • Copy of prime award

Because receipt of our subaward agreement may be delayed after issuance of the prime Notice of Award (NOA), close communication on the status of subawards is important.