When the principal investigator of the overall project is at UNMC

If the other organization:

  • Has performance measured against whether the objectives of the program are met
  • Has responsibility for programmatic decision-making
  • Has responsibility for adherence to applicable program compliance requirements

then the other organization is considered a subrecipient, and SPAdmin will generate a subaward agreement for the other institution.

If the other organization:

  • Provides goods and services within normal business operations
  • Provides similar goods or services to many different purchasers
  • Operates in a competitive environment

then the other organization is considered a vendor, and SPAdmin will not generate a subaward agreement for the other institution.

As the prime recipient, UNMC is responsible for:

  • Advising subrecipients of relevant regulations and flow-down provisions from the prime agreement
  • Routinely receiving and reviewing technical reports
  • Routinely receiving and reviewing invoices
  • Periodically performing on-site visits or making other contact, if necessary
  • Reviewing A-133 audit reports filed by subrecipients (or other financial reports), any audit findings, and any corrective actions cited by subrecipients in response to audit findings Performing "audits," if necessary
  • Performing examinations, if necessary
  • Considering corrective action for subrecipients in cases of serious or continued inability or unwillingness to have required audits or correct non-compliant actions

The subaward agreement identifies:

  • Key personnel and their roles and responsibilities
  • Procedures for directing and monitoring the project
  • Reimbursement procedures, including dollar ceiling, method and schedule of reimbursement, type of supporting documentation required, procedures for review and approval of expenditures, and timing of applicable reporting requirements
  • Policies for travel reimbursement and Financial Conflict of Interest
  • Provisions for disposition of data, data sharing, and inventions and patent ownership and reporting, property (other than intellectual property), program income, publications, reporting, and audit
  • Incorporation of applicable public policy requirements

At the proposal stage

In addition to the application and appropriate internal forms, SPAdmin requires the following documents for each subcontract prior to submission:

  • Intent to Form a Consortium, signed by an authorized official of the subrecipient organization
  • Statement of Work
  • Detailed budget, with Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost calculation
  • Budget justification
  • Contact information

At the award stage

SPAdmin will generate a subaward agreement based on:

  • Terms of the prime award
  • Subrecipient risk assessment
  • Information previously provided
    • Statement of work
    • Detailed budget

Policies, Procedures, and Forms