Hamid Band, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Director of the Center for Breast Cancer Research, Associate Director of Education and Training for the Cancer Center, Eppley Institute
Expertise: Breast Cancer

Dr. Band studies Notch signaling pathway in breast cancer, which is likely to help identify components that may serve as biomarkers of breast cancers and potential targets for development of novel therapeutics towards cancer stem cells. If successful, his basic studies could provide a new bio marker and potential target for therapy of breast cancer. The presence of enzymatic activities in the novel Notch regulator makes it potentially drug-able in order to develop inhibitors of Notch pathway activity that could emerge as cancer stem cell-directed therapeutics.

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Hamid Band, MD, PhD

Vimla Band, Ph.D.
Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Associate Director of the Breast Cancer Center, and Chairperson of Genetics Cell Biology and Anatomy, College of Medicine
Expertise: Breast Cancer

Dr. Band’s laboratory studies molecular pathways that make normal breast cells become cancerous in order to identify novel diagnostic/prognostic markers for breast cancers. She has identified a number of novel proteins that are essential for normal growth control of a cell. Her research is beginning to provide novel insights into fundamentally important pathways in cell growth. Her lab has generated different subtypes of progenitor cells that may represent precursors for different subtypes of breast cancers, which are known to have different survival outcomes for patients. Current research is focused on translating these findings into better diagnosis/prognosis of breast cancer.

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Vilma Band, PhD

Surinder Batra, Ph.D.
Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine
Expertise: Prostate, Breast, Pancreatic and Ovarian cancers

Current research in Dr. Batra’s group is directed to establish the specific bio markers that distinguish the tumorigenic and metastatic cancer stem/progenitor cells from their differentiated progenies and normal stem/progenitor cells during the progression of locally advanced cancer to metastatic and recurrent disease stages. His group is investigating specific role(s) of various signaling elements (known for maintaining the stem cells self-renewal and multi-potent nature) during the malignant transformation. These investigations should also allow them to define the molecular events in stem/progenitor cancer cells responsible for the treatment resistance and establish the beneficial effect of combined targeting of stem cell signaling pathways along with conventional therapies.

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Surinder Batra, Phd

Rakesh Singh, Ph.D.
Professor, Pathology and Microbiology, College of Medicine
Expertise: Cancer

The overall goal of research in Dr. Singh’s lab is to define the role of host-tumor interaction in the process of tumor progression and metastasis and develop targeted therapeutics.

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Rakesh Singh, Ph.D.