Angie Rizzino, Ph.D.
Professor, Eppley Institute
Expertise: Regenerative medicine, Cancer, Embryonic stem cells

The research in Dr. Rizzino's laboratory seeks to decipher the molecular machinery that enables stem cells to replicate with little or no limit, which leads to cancer. During development, stem cells give rise to all differentiated body cell types. His research is focused on learning how to re-direct cancer stem cells from replication to differentiation in order to improve treatment of cancer.

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Angie Rizzino, Ph.D.

Hesham Basma, Ph.D.
Instructor, Pulmonary, College of Medicine
Expertise: Liver, Embryonic stem cells

In Dr. Basma’s lab, researchers have simplified an embryonic stem (ES) cell differentiation strategy to generate cells with many of the defining characteristics of human hepatocytes. They also developed a simple technique for enrichment of the ES-derived hepatocytes based on asialoglycoprotein receptor. Use of this differentiation program would be useful as an alternative source of primary human hepatocytes.

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Hesham Basma, PhS