Student Health Insurance

In addition to the Student Health Clinic Services, which provide for outpatient services for students through payment of Fund B, the University has contracted with AIG (formerly the Macori Company) (underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company) to provide accident/illness insurance coverage.   The plan also provides for outpatient surgery.

Participation and Cost

Full-time students:

Undergraduate/professional students who are enrolled full-time (12 or more hours) and Graduate students (9 or more hours) and Graduate Nursing students (6 or more hours) are required to have inpatient (hospitalization) health insurance.  Students may participate in the University-sponsored plan thru the AIG Company, or they may have their own plan through a parent, spouse, employer , or self.  The cost of the AIG Student Insurance Plan is automatically billed each semester on the full-time student’s tuition statement.   Therefore, if students do not wish to participate in the University plan through AIG, they must file a Waiver verifying alternate insurance.  The waiver can be completed on the UNMC student CARE website.

NOTE:  Waivers are able to be completed 25 days before the start of the semester’s classes but MUST BE FILED by the deadline of 14 days following the first day of classes. 

Part-time students:

Students who are enrolled part-time may also enroll in the AIG Insurance Program by contacting the UNMC Student Financial Services Office and must do so within the first two weeks of each semester.  Their office can be reached at 402-559-8086 or by going to Room 2043 in the Student Life Center.  

In order to participate in the AIG Student Insurance program, part-time students must also pay Fund B, which entitles the student to use the outpatient health facilities (Student Health Clinic), located on the Third Level of the Durham Outpatient Center.  It is the responsibility of the part-time student to make arrangements each semester with the Student Financial Services Office in order to be billed for both the student health insurance and Fund B.

Optional catastrophic coverage

Students may purchase optional major medical/catastrophic coverage through AIG, Inc. The optional Catastrophic option allows the student extra coverage for an additional fee. Renewal of the catastrophic option each semester is the responsibility of the student, as the optional catastrophic coverage will not appear on the student’s tuition statement. To do so, the student must enroll by the 14th day following the start of classes for the semester and can do so on-line with a credit card via the insurance company’s website, or by mail to this address:   National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA.   P.O. Box 71331, Philadelphia, PA 19176-1321.


The University of Nebraska Medical Center does not offer inpatient (hospitalization) insurance to dependents of students.  If a student is interested in purchasing a major medical policy for their dependents, they may purchase a policy privately from any private insurer.

The University does offer Student Health Clinic privileges (Fund B) to dependents.  Students may purchase these Clinic privileges for their dependents through Student Financial Services (2nd floor Student Life Center ) or via phone at 402-559-8086. 

Please Note:   Fund B is NOT an insurance plan.

How to file a claim

Claim forms are available under each student’s own account on the AIG website.   Students can file their claim form on-line, fax it, or they can send it in to the AIG mailing address. Claim forms are to be submitted once each calendar year, or whenever the AIG Company determines it is necessary to obtain from the student.

Questions regarding the student insurance plan, procedures for filing claims and/or problems with the claims process may be directed to:

Pat Oberlander
Bennett Hall, Room 6001

Phone:  402-559-7276