Transcripts Request

The Office of Academic Records issues only official transcripts.  An official transcript is the complete University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) student academic record; and, includes the University seal and stamped signature of the Registrar.  

Transcript request options: 

  1. An official transcript stamped as "Issued to Student" - This transcript is for your personal use and is not accepted by third party entities.
  2. An official transcript placed in a "sealed" envelope sent directly to the student -  This transcript may be forwarded to third parties provided the envelope has not been opened.
  3. An official transcript mailed directly to third party entities from the UNMC Office of Academic Records.  

Transcript requests will not be processed if your UNMC record is on hold. (example: outstanding tuition/fee balance, parking/library fines, student loan defaults, etc.) 

Transcripts are processed on Tuesday and Friday. Your transcript request must be received in the Office of Academic Records by 3 p.m. Monday (for Tuesday processing) or Thursday (for Friday processing). 

UNMC accepts Mastercard and VISA only. (All credit card transactions will have a 2.75% surcharge added to them.)

UNMC Graduating Students - Please read the following: 

Per UNMC policy, all faculty have 5 days from the last day of the semester to post grades. As a result, the release of a transcript, with final grades, may not be accomplished until all grades are posted. 

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