Outreach activities expand student training

As a UNMC student, you'll be asked to expand your borders as you increase your knowledge and practice your skills – both inside and outside the classroom. 

UNMC and its clinical partner, The Nebraska Medical Center, aggressively reach out to new and emerging underserved populations in the Omaha metropolitan area. UNMC students have the opportunity to participate in this partnership as part of their training. 

UNMC medical, nurse practitioner, and pharmacy students run these clinics. They give students the opportunity to have more direct and comprehensive patient care responsibilities in their first two years at UNMC.  

UNMC Family Medicine physicians and College of Nursing nurse practitioners supervise the students at the year-round, weekly clinics. Over the years, the students have expanded the clinic's services to include pharmacy, social services and lab/X-ray. 

Adopt-A-School partnerships have been in place since 1990 with Fontenelle Elementary School, Monroe Middle School and Benson High School. Some of the adopt-a-school activities include: 

  • A Day at College for all fourth-graders, which features hands-on learning experiences taught by UNMC faculty, staff and students.
  • The Annual DOC (Doctors Ought to Care) Sports Carnival, hosted by the department of family medicine, for middle school students.
  • Observation time for pediatric residents, who spend three hours per week during their month-long adolescent health rotations. The residents able to observe "normal" adolescent behavior and teach appropriate health-related topics. 

The Career Connection Science Academy is a partnership with Girls Inc. of Omaha and the campus. Each month through the academy, about 20 female fourth- through seventh-graders are introduced to different careers in health sciences. 

Community Academy is a career exploration program where eighth- through 12th-graders have hands-on learning experiences in the health science careers. The students are creating and maintaining their own Web site as well. 

UNMC/The Nebraska Medical Center Community Partnership involves patients/consumers, UNMC students, health care providers, outreach workers, community leaders, community organizations and community residents.