Policy concerning students who are involuntarily activated for military service
Eligible students may elect to cancel registration in all classes when called for duty. The student would receive a full refund, though federal regulations require financial aid be repaid – UNMC will work with the student, student’s family and lenders in order to find the best solution for repayment. Alternatively, students may request grades or incompletes, or do a mix of withdrawing from some courses and accepting grades for others, with a pro-rated refund.

Military students called to active service return without penalty policy
A student’s academic clock stops while he or she is deployed. The dean of the respective college or school will work with Student Services on a case-by-case basis to ensure the propriety of the student’s record for return and completion of the academic program. One example: about a month into her classes, one of UNMC’s nursing students learned she was being deployed to Iraq. Serving as a flight medic, she was awarded the Bronze Star. She eventually returned and graduated with distinction.