Registration Forms:

1)  Fill out your general information on this form.   Please save it and send it to Please put your name in the subject followed by purpose. Ex: Amy Bellows – info form

2)  Complete, print, and sign the following forms.  Scan and email them to the SMDEP Coordinator at or fax them to 402.559.3819, attn: SMDEP.

(Note: The age of majority in Nebraska is 19.  If you are 18 or younger, you must have a parent/guardian sign the Medial Authorization and Media Release forms.)

Media Authorization SMDEP/UNMC

Waiver and Release of Liability

3)  Immunizations are required, and need to be completed if at all possible before you get to UNMC.  There is good information that can help you here and here.  Please use this link to get started: and click on: Download the required immunization form.  It gives you the form with the explanation of what is required along with the information of where to send it/ fax it.

If you have any issues, contact Tere Batt (402.559.5158) from Student Health can help you complete these requirements. Tell him you are with SMDEP.  Most likely, you will need more than what your current university requires.  

4)  Proof of major medical health insurance is required.  Scan and email both front and back of your proof of insurance card to the SMDEP Coordinator or fax to 402.559.3819, attn: SMDEP.  If you do not have major medical health insurance, you will need to purchase a policy for at least the six weeks you are here.  For more information about what is required, email Patricia Oberlander  One company students have purchased short term major medical health insurance from in the past is Macori, Inc., 


Getting your travel arrangements together is easy. Follow these steps.  We prefer that you work with Travel and Transport first so we do not have to do reimbursements. However, if need be, the Travel Reimbursement will be available once you arrive, please bring your documentation with you. 


Following are links to UNMC SMDEP codes of conduct. Please review the documents, and sign on your general information form (from line 1) that you have read and agree to the policies, download this form and return the form signed to

Scott Hall