Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for the SURP program in 2014?

The beginning and end dates for the summer program may vary by area. For summer 2014 the dates are June 2nd to August 8th.

What are the SURP summer seminar dates?

The SURP luncheon seminar series will begin on June 10th and end on July 29th. But, the  final reception when students will receive Certificates will be Aug 7th, after the poster session.

If I am on a student visa (F1) can I apply to your program?

Currently only U. S. Citizens or those that have been granted permanent residency or are Nebraska residents for tuition purposes are eligible to apply to the SURP program.  This may differ by participating departments, please contact the department to determine if they can support an F1 student.

If I am an international student, not already in the U.S., can I apply to your program?

No, you are not be eligible for the summer program because of visa restrictions.  

Do I get paid while in SURP at UNMC?

Yes, the stipends or salaries can vary by area. Payroll checks are issued at the end of each month. Refer to the Program Summary page. Payroll checks are issued at the end of each month. 

Where do I send all my supporting documents?

Application Documents:  This usually includes essay, reference letter(s), and transcripts and needs to be sent to each of the programs you have applied to.  Refer to the Program Summary for the appropriate application documents.  To send all the documents, check the Participating Departments page for the contact information for each department.  Remember, if you applied to 3 departments, you will need to send required materials to each department's mailing address and submit postmarked by the March 1st deadline

Required Immunization Form, Waiver Release of Liability Form and Media Release Form:  Once You’ve been accepted, send the following documents to the Office of Recruitment and Student Engagement by May 1st.

Recruitment and Student Engagement
984275 Nebraska Center
Omaha, NE 68198-4275
Phone:  402-559-3809
Fax:  402-559-6796
Contact Email:  RSE@unmc.edu