Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Advanced laparoscopic surgery involves surgery that is minimally invasive, using advanced surgical technologies to assist in surgery, providing the most desired patient outcome. Minimally Invasive Surgery uses surgical techniques that only require 3-4 small ½” incisions, decreases blood loss, and encourages a shorter length of stay as well as a quicker patient recovery time.

While several of our staff surgeons are involved in the use of advanced laparoscopic surgical procedures, Drs. Oleynikov and McBride are Co-Director’s of Education and Training for the Center for Minimally Invasive and Computer Assisted Surgery Initiative at UNMC. For patients to learn more information about Minimally Invasive Surgery, please click the link below:

Minimally Invasive Surgery Patient Information

Learn more about UNMC’s General Surgery MIS Fellowship Program

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Dr. Corrigan McBride
Nurse: Melissa Monzu-Sparks 402-559-8993
Assistant: Ong Vang 402-559-6592

Dr. Dmitry Oleynikov 
Nurse: Rob Bayer 402-559-8989
Assistant: Kerrie Fraterelli 402-559-4581

Dr. Matthew Goede
Nurse: Rob Bayer 402-559-8989
Assistant: Kimberly McWilliams 402-559-5248

Dr. Vishal Kothari
Nurse: Rob Bayer 402-559-8989
Assistant: Ong Vang 402-559-6592

Dr. Sean Langenfeld
Nurse: Sue Wedergren 402-559-9640
Assistant: Ong Vang 402-559-6592