HO Benefits/Salaries


  • 20 working days paid vacation.
  • Professional leave with pay for approved meetings.
  • Sick leave - six months accrual after two years of employment.
  • Comprehensive group health coverage at reduced rates.
  • Low-rate automatic eligibility disability coverage available.
  • Four lab coats provided at university expense at the beginning of residency.
  • Laundering of lab coats provided.
  • $100 house officer educational appropriation for departments.
  • Travel money for residents investigating practice locations in Nebraska.
  • Reimbursement for travel to and from required training sites more than 25 miles from the Medical Center.
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support course fees paid by the Medical Center.
  • Parking spaces near the emergency entrance for house officers on call who need to come in after working hours.
  • Preferential eligibility for parking.
  • Evening and breakfast meal allowance while on call at University Hospital.

Salaries 2014-2015

House Officer I $54,485
House Officer II $56,502
House Officer III $58,805
House Officer IV $60,901
House Officer V $63,033
House Officer VI $65,067

House Office VII $68,354