August 2013
Department of Surgery Grand Rounds ~ CID 15753
Wednesday 8:00 AM
Eppley Science Hall Amphitheater Room 3010




August 7

Richard C. Mangrum, MD; Yossem Professor of Law; Creighton University School of Law 

Understanding Expert Testimony 


  1. Explain expert testimony.
  2. Discuss expert testimony methodology.
  3. Translate medical into legal terminology.
  4. Discuss trick questions in examination.
  5. Review ways to diminish malpractice actions.


August 14

Quan Ly, MD; Assistant Professor; Division of Surgical Oncology; UNMC 

Surgeon Burnout: Incidence and Prevention 


  1. Discuss the incidence of burnout, depression and suicide rates among surgeons.
  2. Explain the legal ramification of reporting self or colleague with problems.
  3. Identify the symptoms.
  4. Discuss where to get help.


August 21

Bud Shaw, MD; Professor; Surgery Administration; UNMC 

Humanities in Medicine: Why it Matters 


  1. Define and provide context for the presence of humanistic values in the field of Medicine.
  2. Describe the various roles humanities have served in Medicine.
  3. Discuss academic studies that investigate the importance of humanities in Medicine.
  4. Review activities in humanities at UNMC
  5. Propose future humanities projects.


August 28

Val Desa, DDS, MD; Assistant Professor and Chief; Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; UNMC 

Bone Morphogenetic Protein in Maxillofacial Reconstruction 


  1. Review the history of BMP.
  2. Discuss the biology of BMP.
  3. Describe applications in maxillofacial reconstruction.
  4. Discuss complications and adverse reactions.