Resident Advisory Committee

The Resident Advisory Committee (RAC) meets monthly to address resident issues and concerns. The RAC is comprised of the department chair, the program and associate program directors, key clinical faculty, and a resident representative.

Jon S. Thompson, MD
Jon S. Thompson, MD
General Surgery, UNMC
Program Director
 Wendy Grant, MD Wendy Grant, MD
Transplant Surgery, UNMC
David W. Mercer, MD David W. Mercer, MD
General Surgery, UNMC
Department Chair
Karin Trujillo, MD Karin Trujillo, MD
Thoracic Surgery, UNMC
Chandra Are, MD Chandra Are, MD
Surgical Oncology, UNMC
Associate Program Director
Michael Morris, MD Michael Morris, MD
Transplant, UNMC
James Reilly, MD James Reilly, MD
General Surgery, Methodist
Matt Goede, MD Matt Goede, MD
General Surgery, UNMC
Jason Johanning, MD Jason Johanning, MD
Vascular Surgery, UNMC