Giving Back - Support of the Residency Program

We passionately ask you for your help to provide the educational experiences worthy of our program. We will not sacrifice the quality of the education our residents receive. Now is the time for every alum and friend to come forward to help the program. Many of our alumni – who truly treasure their General Surgery faculty and education at University of Nebraska Medical Center - do not consider contributing to the department because they believe that the state provides full funding. Some expressed concern that their contribution will not go directly to the department. Any contribution you make to our department will be used to support resident development and activities – that will help us reach an even higher level of excellence. With your help we will also be able to support residents to attend both state and national conferences where they share their research results through presentations and posters, additional educational opportunities (The OSLER Institute) and general improvements and additions to the residency program (i.e. the resident lounge).  If you believe that UNMC and the General Surgery Department contributed to, or were instrumental in your professional development and ultimate financial success, please help us now with a generous financial contribution. Please consider how beneficial these types of donations would have been to you during your residency  and give generously to help our current residents. There is no more important time to give than now and there is no more important investment you could be making in your profession than to give back to the school and program of which you can be proud . Each and every contribution means so much to the department as it reflects the pride and respect you feel toward your UNMC General Surgery family and our future. We thank you for your consideration and generosity.

Donations can be sent to:

University of Nebraska Medical Center
Department of General Surgery
Residency Program
983280 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-3280 

Contact:  Danielle Brown, with questions.