Resident, Dimitrios Miserlis, M.D., Receives Patent


Dr. MiserlisImmediately detect air leaks in chest tubes with confidence

When a patient suffers serious injury to the chest, a tube is used to remove fluid  that often builds up  in  the  pleural space—the area between the  lungs and the  surrounding  protective membrane or pleura. Often air will leak from the lungs into the pleural space, a common and expected complications with chest trauma. But current systems make detecting air leaks an uncertain and subjective process. Inventors at the University of Nebraska developed a solution to that problem: Pleuraleak.

Pleuraleak is a unique system that fully  integrates into  existing chest tube drainage devices, and removes all of the guesswork associated with detecting air leaks. The  system effectively determines if a patient has an air leak, quantifies the magnitude and changes of the leak, and monitors lung healing. By using the  Pleuraleak system, health care providers can immediately determine the presence or absence of an air leak, resulting in a more objective clinical decision and better patient care. Pleuraleak-monitored chest tubes could also provide clinicians information needed to allow earlier and safer chest tube removal, resulting in reduced patient discomfort or  pain and shorter hospital stays.


  • Dimitrios Miserlis, M.D.
  • Kim Cluff, M.S., Ph.D.
  • Abby M. Keller
  • Suzanne J. Higgens
  • Max H. Twedt


  • Tech ID: 265
  • Field: Device
  • Patent: Application Filed
  • Rundown: Novel design
  • Reduce costs: Immediately detect leaks
  • Promotes objective clinical decisions
  • Reduce patient discomfort and pain
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Compatible with existing drainage devices