Salary & Benefits

Salaries for 2013-2014 are:

HO I (PGY1) $52898

HO II (PGY 2) $0 

HO II (PGY 3) $27428

HO III (PGY 4) $57092

HO IV (PGY 5) $59127

HO V (PGY 6)  $61197

During year two (2), the residents are not paid a resident's salary and are not provided any University paid health care benefits. During year three (3), the residents receive a half-salary and are provided health care benefits at a 50% prorated allowance. Additionally, the residents are responsible for tuition and fees to the College of Medicine.

In addition to standard house officer benefits, the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery provides support for travel and presentation of scientific papers at various meetings in the United States.