UNMC Plastic Surgery is a learning facility dedicated to providing comprehensive training for residents with five years of general surgery experience. Participants in our Program include Children's Medical Center, Veterans Administration Hospital, Boys Town National Research Hospital and Creighton University Medical Center.

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency Program at the University of Nebraska is a two year program of the independent model. The program’s prerequisite requirements as set forth by the American Board of Plastic Surgery include completion of a residency in general surgery, otolaryngology, orthopedics, oral surgery, neurosurgery or urology. In some circumstances an applicant may be considered who has only a minimum of three years of progressive surgical training. These applicants will be considered stronger if they have additional fellowship training or research.

The Nebraska Health System (formerly the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Clarkson Hospital) is the primary teaching facility for the Plastic Surgery training program. The other participating institutions include the Omaha Veteran’s Administration Hospital, Children’s Hospital and Medical Center and Creighton University Medical School.  Residents will participate in operative cases and patient care at this facility while rotating on the Children’s Hospital rotation. Each institution affiliated with the residency program contributes a different practice setting, research opportunities, and a specific clinical focus to the overall mission of the education of the residents. Together they will afford the plastic surgery resident training in all aspects of the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. The program is designed to fulfill the requirements outlined in the Program Requirements for Plastic Surgery.

The training program is an independent model for three consecutive years of which the last 12 months are spent as the chief resident. The curriculum is sequenced so that all topics of the plastic surgery core curriculum, as described in the Comprehensive Plastic Surgery Curriculum, are presented in that three year cycle. One resident is accepted into the program annually for a total of three residents in the program at any one time. The resident position is only available through the San Francisco Plastic Surgery Match Program.

The residents are assigned to rotations at all of the participating hospitals for specific periods of time.

The following is a block diagram illustrating the rotations.

NMC = Nebraska Medical Center
CUMC = Creighton University Medical Center

Plastic Surgery Year 1 (PG-6)

General Plastics 
6 months

Head and Neck
3 months

Breast Surgery
3 months


Plastic Surgery Year 2 (PG-7)

3 months

Burn / Wound 
3 months

General Plastics
3 months
General Trauma 
3 months

Plastic Surgery Year 3 (PG-8)

Dermatology / Anesthesia
1 month

Orthopedics / Hand Surgery 
2 months

Pediatric / Craniofacial
3 months
3 months


If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us. You may reach Toni Harris at 402-559-4344 or toni.harris@unmc.edu for additional information.