Mission Statement

UNMC VISION: To be a world-renowned health sciences center, continuing the commitment to community health, providing state-of-the art health care
The Role of Urologic Surgery
To offer a wide range of medical and surgical urology treatment options, providing a wide variety of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies

Establishment of a research facility and expansion of a research program designed to pioneer new areas in cancer risk assessment

Continued sharing of medical and surgical treatment modalities with medical students, residents and other health care providers, and continued interaction with the Prostate Cancer Foundation

UNMC VISION: To rank as a leading research center
The Role of Urologic Surgery
To continue expansion of our urologic cancer research program, procurement of additional grant funding, and continuing collaborative national and international involvement in cancer research

Expansion of the Division of Urologic Surgery’s role in prostate cancer research

Expansion of UNMC research, particularly in the area of cancer prevention

UNMC VISION: To deliver the best-educated health professionals and scientists into the practice world
The Role of Urologic Surgery
Monitoring the educational offerings available to medical students and residents and growing the materials and experiences available to them

Publication and presentation of papers to communicate research and clinical findings through scientific gatherings and medical literature

Continuing mentorships of predoctoral and postdoctoral students