Clinical & Translational Research Seminar Series

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This seminar provides an open forum where investigators can share their projects and potential grants, network with collaborators and receive constructive comments and suggestions from an interdisciplinary audience. 

Archived Seminars

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Tatiana Bronich, PhD, "Nanomedicine at UNMC"
Mark Bowen, "Department of Defense and UARC Funding Opportunities"
Susan D. Horn, PhD, "Methods Used in Comparative Effectiveness Research"  
Scott Snyder, PhD, "NSF Funding Opportunities" 
Peter J. Embi "Leveraging Informatics and Health IT to Create a Learning Health System”
Purnima Guda, PhD and Chris Kratochvil, MD, "Electronic Health Records and Migration to Epic"
Stephen Dager, MD, "Building Translational Research Teams; Autism Spectrum Disorder: Brain, Genes and Behavior" 
Richard Spellman, JD and Sheila Wrobel, JD, MBA, "Disclosures, Contracts, and Sunshine Laws" 
Linda Wilkie, "SciVal Experts: Find your next collaborator" 
Lani "Chi Chi" Zimmerman, PhD "Rural Technology Core" 
Mark D. Bowen and Paula Turpen, PhD, "DOD Funding Opportunities; FY2012 - Beyond Earmarks"
Kim Laursen, IT "E-Mail Migration for Clinical Researchers"