Free & Discounted Commercial Software

Departmental Academic Software Programs

Microsoft, VMware, IBM, Oracle, and others offer several useful software tools and packages for education and research for little or no cost.

Microsoft's DreamSpark Program:

  • Cost (Premium, new): $499 for 1 yr; $1,025 for 3 yr
  • Cost (Premium, renewal): $320 for 1 yr; $799 for 3 yr
  • Cost (Standard): $99 for 1 yr; $199 for 3 yr

Free software offerings at no charge from Microsoft:


VMware's Academic Program:

  • Cost: $250 for 1 yr; $475 for 2 yr; $700 for 3 yr.


IBM Academic Initiative:

Most of the software offered is free.


Oracle Academic Program:

Oracle Database Enterprise Edition is free for institutions of higher education.


Revolution R Enterprise Academic Version:

This software is intended for R Programmers. You can download it for free after completing the registration.


OnTheHub Network:

This site offers free or discounted software from a variety of vendors to faculty, students, and staff at institutions of higher education.

If you navigate to “Featured Software” tab on top, you will see a menu of all software offerings.


Software for Super Computer Users:

On the XSEDE (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment) network, a large selection of software tools and packages is available. These software modules are hosted on XSEDE super computers, which you can use at no cost. The XSEDE infrastructure across the country is funded by large grants from NSF for research and education. UNMC is a member of the XSEDE consortium. Please contact us if you are interested in this program.


Please contact us if you or your department would like to sign up for any of the above programs.