Below are the rates based on the type of service, time of use, and user group affiliation. 

Service Fee
Sample Acquisition  $38/hour (1/2 hour minimum)
Cell Sorting $40/hour (1/2 hour minimum) plus $55 set up fee
Data Analysis/Publication Preparation (Assisted) $38/hour (1/4 hour minimum)
Data Analysis-Use of Workstations (Unassisted) Free
Consultations Free
Auto Macs $3.50/separation plus $10 set up fee and
$70/column (column cost is shared and can be re-used)
Countess Cell Counter $2 per slide
Training $35/hour (1/2 hour minimum)
After Hours Service Fee
Sample Acquisition/Analysis  $76/hour (1/2 hour minimum)
Cell Sorting  $80/hour (1/2 hour minimum) plus $55 set up frr
Outside Client Service Fee
Data Acquisition/Analysis/Sorting  $55/hour (1/2 hour minimum) plus $55 set up fee
Data Acquisition/Analysis/Sorting (After Hours) $110/hour (1/2 hour minimum) plus $55 set up fee


The Core does not survive on user fees alone. We are significantly subsidized by the University. It is imperative that all users acknowledge this support. (See Acknowledgement and Support)

Customized services are available and will be charged accordingly. Dependent on workload, we offer services to non-UNMC affiliated groups. Please contact Dr. Phil Hexley, scientific director, at (402) 559-6299 or Email for a quotation or more information.