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Flow Analysis and Cell Sorting
Includes set up and processing of specimens

  • Immunofluorescence (1-15 colors, 1-17 parameters)
  • Surface expression of standard CD markers
  • Specialized expression of surface markers with custom antibodies
  • Gene transduction/expression
  • Green, yellow, red and cyan fluorescent proteins
  • Receptor expression
  • Apoptosis (A0 determination)
  • DNA analysis
  • Cell cycle assays
  • Cancer therapy
  • Kinetic studies (time dependent assay)
  • Multiplex bead assay
  • Cell sorting, enrichment, purification
  • Single cell cloning, high speed
  • AutoMACS - magnetic separation for pre-sort sample enrichment
  • New protocol development

Other Services

  • Consultations for experiment development, data interpretation and troubleshooting
  • Extensive protocol library for flow cytometry techniques
  • Training in theory and practice of flow cytometry
  • Data collection and analysis of user provided samples
  • Advice on tissue or cell preparation and appropriate use of fluorophores
  • Training in use of “offline” list mode data analysis software
  • Data interpretation
  • Publication quality graphics



Philip Hexley, Ph.D., Director