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"Rural Research"

Presented by:  Risto Rautiainen, Phd
May 19, 2014
Noon - 1 PM Bennett Hall 2020

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CTR Seminar Archives +
05/19/2014 "Rural Research Resources at UNMC" - Risto Rautiainen, PhD
 04/21/2014 "Recruiting Rural Subjects: Lessons Learned" - Carol Pullen, RN, EdD, and Teresa Barry Haultquist, RN, PhD
 03/17/2014  "Biomedical Informatics at UNMC:  Big Data Yields Big Insights"  - James McClay, MD
 01/20/2014   Ming Qu, MD, PhD "Data Support Public Health Practice and Research in Nebraska: Joint Public Health Data Center"
 01/10/2014   Dr. Russ Waitman "Building Frontiers Clinical and Translational Science Informatics Capabilities Using NIH-funded Open Informatics Tools and Communities"
 10/21/2013  "Research IT: Resources and Strategies" - Ashok Mudgapalli, PhD
 09/16/2013   "The Clinical and Translational Research Mentored Scholars Program at UNMC" - Fausto Loberiza, MD
 09/04/2013   "The Creighton Osteoporosis Research Center" - Robert Recker, MD
 08/19/2013   "" Romeo Guerra, MA

  Phyllis Warkentin, MD and Charles Branson, MS - "Role of Biologics Production Facility in Translational Research"

 03/18/2013   David Wert,  "Tissue Science"   
03/11/2013    Courtney Kennedy, RN, MSN, ACNP,  "Research Linking & Billing Summary"  - recording not available
02/18/2013    Gary Madsen, PhD, Entrepreneur in Residence, "Commercializing Your Technology:  How to Bring a Product to Market"  
02/11/2013    Katie Penas, MHA, CNMT, RT, "Coverage Analysis and It's Role in Research" 
10/15/2012   Mark Bowen, "Department of Defense and UARC Funding Opportunities"
09/18/2012    Susan D. Horn, PhD, "Methods Used in Comparative Effectiveness Research"  Part 2 "Methods Used in Comparative Effectiveness Research"
    "Methods Used in Comparative Effectiveness Research" slides
08/20/2012    Scott Snyder, PhD, "NSF Funding Opportunities" 
07/26/2012   Peter J. Embi "Leveraging Informatics and Health IT to Create a Learning Health System” - recording not available
06/18/2012    Purnima Guda, PhD and Chris Kratochvil, MD, "Electronic Health Records and Migration to Epic"
05/21/2012    Stephen Dager, MD, "Building Translational Research Teams; Autism Spectrum Disorder: Brain, Genes and Behavior" 
04/16/2012    Richard Spellman, JD and Sheila Wrobel, JD, MBA, "Disclosures, Contracts, and Sunshine Laws" 
02/20/2012    Linda Wilkie, "SciVal Experts: Find your next collaborator" 
02/09/2012    Lani "Chi Chi" Zimmerman, PhD "Rural Technology Core" 
01/16/2012    Mark D. Bowen and Paula Turpen, PhD, "DOD Funding Opportunities; FY2012 - Beyond Earmarks"
01/12/2012    Kim Laursen, IT "E-Mail Migration for Clinical Researchers"
12/08/2011    Steve Bonasera, PhD, MD,  "REDCap" 
11/21/2011   Jon Beck, PharmD,  "Research Pharmacy Support" 
11/15/2011    "Working with CROs" 
10/17/2011    Mindy Anderson-Knott,  "Social Science Collaboration Across Campuses" 
10/13/2011    "How to Get Your Clinical Trial Agreement Finalized Faster" 
09/20/2011    "Budgeting & Contracts (from a coordinator's perspective) & Billing" 
08/15/2011    Michael Dixon, PhD,  "UNeMed:  Translating Research to Improve Healthcare" 
05/16/2011    Ashish Joshi, MD, MPH,  "Emerging Role of Informatics in Improving Population Health" 
04/18/2011    Ann Fruhling, PhD, MBA,  "Collaborative Opportunities at the College of IS&T at UNO:  The Intersection of Information Technology & Health Informatics Research" 
03/29/2011    Martin Padarathsingh, PhD,  "Crafting an Exceptional NIH Grant Application: An Insider's Perspective" 
03/21/2011    Concetta DiRusso, PhD,  "Can We Communicate & Translate Between Agricultural Producers & Biomedical Health Providers?" 
02/21/2011    San Ming Wang, MD,  "Cancer Genome Studies" - recording not available 
01/17/2011    Magda Peck, ScD,  "Community-Linked Health Sciences Research Plaza" 
11/15/2010    Babu Guda, PhD,  "Bioinformatics Approaches for Accelerating Biomedical Research" 
10/18/2010   Les Whitbeck, PhD,  "Mental Health Disparities:  Emergent Mental Disorders Among Indigenous Adolescents"  
10/01/2010   Bruce Buehler, MD,  "Genetic Testing in clinical Medicine:  Ethical, Legal and Patient Considerations"  -recording not available
09/20/2010   Julia Bridge, MD,  "Tissue Procurement & Tissue Science Pathology Core Facility"  
08/09/2010   Susan Raatz, PhD,  "Translational Nutrition Research"  
07/07/2010   Laura Lorenz, PhD,  "Talking with Pictures:  Fostering Dialogue and Hope in Health and Community" 
05/17/2010   David Crouse, PhD,  "Responsible Conduct of Research"  
  Slideshow for Responsible Conduct of Research
04/19/2010   Gert-Jan de Vreede, PhD,  "Collaboration Science"
03/15/2010   Michael Shambaugh-Miller, PhD,  "Medical Geography"
02/15/2010   James Campbell, MD,  "Data Interoperability"