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Identify Expertise and Enable Collaboration


Find Experts

SciVal Experts will enable researchers at UNMC to:

  • Browse profiles or search by concept, last name or full text to identify collaborators for grant teams, learn about new journals in their field and discover articles to read
  • View researchers’ "Fingerprints" or unique research profile, publication histories and co-author networks to explore their unique expertise as well as their connections to other faculty and institutions
  • Track and update their profile information to keep their publications histories current and visible 
  • Expand their research reach by searching across the SciVal Experts Community that connects users to researchers across SciVal Experts institutions, and the DIRECT2experts network that links users to researchers at organizations with other profile systems

Quick Tips for using SciVal Experts.


contact us
for assistance with Experts:

Office of Research
Linda Wilkie, VT, BS
(402) 559-7649

Training Videos

Funding Alert Debuts
Profiled researchers in SciVal Experts will begin receiving e-mail alerts with targeted funding opportunity recommendations and suggested collaborators in January 2013.  Contact Linda Wilkie in the Vice Chancellor for Research Office (402-559-7649) if you need assistance modifying your research profile.

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