MSPCF Pricing per Sample

Prices subject to change

(Industrial accounts, please contact us for prices)

Mass Spectrometry Service Instrument UNMC Affiliates Other Academic Institutions
Protein Identification 5600 TripleTOF $75 $115
  LTQ Orbitrap $50 $75
  LTQ Velos $50 $75
  4800 MALDI $50 $75
 iTRAQ (4 samples, 4-plex)1 5600 TripleTOF $3200 $4800
 iTRAQ (8 samples, 8-plex)1 5600 TripleTOF $3200 $4800
Determination of Molecular Weight:      
  • Proteins and Peptides (under 25K)
4800 MALDI $30 $45
  • Others needing usual matrices
4800 MALDI $55 $85
Sample Preparation      
 In-gel tryptic digest (includes clean-up)   $28/band  $42/band
 In-solution tryptic digest (includes zip-tip clean-up)   $30/sample  $45/sample
 In-gel chymotrypsin digest (includes clean-up)   $32/band $50/band
 ZipTip - 1 sample   $9/sample  $15/sample
  •  each additional sample
  $3/sample  $5/sample
 Sample clean-up (PepClean C18)-1 sample   $80/sample  $120/sample
  •  each additional sample (up to 12 total)
  $10/sample  $15/sample

Sample clean-up (MCX)-1 sample

  $25/sample  $40/sample
  • each additional sample (up to 12 total)
  $8/sample  $15/sample

 Sample concentration (centrifugal filter) less than 2mL - 1 sample



  •  each additional sample (up to 8 total)



Sample concentration (centrifugal filter) 2-15mL - 1 sample



  •  each additional sample (up to 8 total)



Phosphopeptide enrichment (includes phosphopeptide spin tip and graphite cleanup -- Does not include C18 pre-cleanup) - 1 sample



  •  each additional sample (up to 12 total)


Sample Purification through HPLC Shimadzu HPLC $50/mg  $75/mg
Depletion of albumin and IgG (Sigma ProteoPrep spin columns, 25-50ul)   $100/sample  $150/sample
  • each additional sample (up to 10 total)
  $55/sample  $85/sample
Sample Fractionation      
 1D gel electrophoresis standard 4-12% Bis-Tris (up to 11 samples)   $60/gel  $90/gel
Coomassie staining   $25/gel  $40/gel
Sypro ruby staining (includes imaging)   $45/gel  $70/gel
Offgel - 12 well (includes MCX and PepClean cleanup)   $500  $750
  • each additional Offgel (2nd and 3rd)
  $200 ea  $300/ea

Western blot (investigator provides all antibodies)


Includes cost of standard 1D, membrane transfer, incubation and development of 1 antibody

  $165  $250
  •  each additional antibody on same membrane
  $45  $70
Consultation   $150/hour $175/hour
Training   $80/hour Not Available
Other Projects   $60/hour $120/hour

1Data from iTRAQ experiments will be processed using ProteinPilot 4.0 and exported into 2 Excel files containing information on protein/peptide identification, confidence, quantitation, statistical analysis (as provided by Protein Pilot) and spectra information.