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UNMC Research Related Policies

 A partial listing of relevant policies has been grouped here; a complete catalog of UNMC policies can be found on the UMMC Policies and Procedures Wiki.

Ethics +


Code of Conduct  Policy #8006
Professional and ethical conduct, compliance, reporting misconduct
Conflict of Interest Policy #8010
Responsibilities, financial disclosure, outside employment, covered persons
Research Integrity Policy #8003
Reporting research misconduct, protecting complainant and respondents, cooperation with inquiries, sequestration of research records
Use of Human Anatomical Material Policy #8007
Procurement and use of human anatomical material, definition of, disposal of
 Use & Transfer of Human Tissues  Policy #8013
Use and Transfer of tissue, blood products, serum, DNA & other biological materials or specimens.
Financial +


Clinical Trial Billing

 Policy #8008
Professional and Technical Fee Billing, Medicare Qualifying Clinical Trials, Investigational Devices & Clinical Device Trial Pre-Study Evaluations

Contract Signature Authority 

Executive Memorandum #13
Who can sign agreements for contracted research 

Cost Transfer

Policy #6106
Transfers of direct costs to sponsored accounts, explanations and justifications for cost transfers
Direct Cost Policy #6100
Allowed costs on grants from external sources
Facilities & Administration Costs (F&A) Policy #6101
Definition of F&A costs at UNMC, When F&A may be used
Institutional Base Salary Policy #6102
Budgeting and expensing of salaries on sponsored projects
Inventions & Discoveries Board of Regents Bylaw 3.10
Ownership & commercialization of inventions & discoveries
Intellectual Property Board of Regents Policy 4.4.1
Ownership of Intellectual Property
Patent & Technology Transfer Board of Regents Policy 4.4.2
Patent & Technology Transfer Policy 
Royalty & Equity Distribution  Policy #7001
Royalty and Equity Distribution
Service Centers Policy #6107
Service centers, core facilities, rate setting, billing for services, capital equipment
Sponsored Project Cost Share Policy #6104
Cost sharing, allowable expenses, effort reporting, approval process
Human Resources +

Human Resources

Employee Separation Policy #1006
Disposition of research equipment
Faculty Member Transfer - Equipment Status   POlicy #3000
Describes how decisions on equipment transfer are made
Volunteers Policy #6053
Non-Faculty volunteers, job shadowing, students
Operations +


Computer Use & Electronic Information Security Policy #6051
Access, Misuse of information resources
Equipment Transfer, Surplus, and Sale  Policy #3000
Control of Capital Assets, Disposal disposal of Research Equipment 
Faculty Member Transfer - Equipment Status Policy #3000
Describes how decisions are reached for the determination of what equipment may be transferred 
Export Control 
Export Control Review Form
Policy #8005
Shipment of any chemical, biological or radioactive material outside of the United States
Research Space Policy #6071
Assignment of research laboratory space
Safety +


Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure    Policy #2004
Exposure to Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) as well as other potentially infectious bloodborne agents
Children in the Workplace  Policy #2007
Visiting, working, restrictions
Latex Sensitivity Policy #2003
Prevention and Management of Latex Sensitivity
Shipping Hazardous Materials  Policy #2002
Shipping of Dry Ice, Category A Infectious Substances affecting humans &/or animals, Category B Infectious Substances (biological substances), patient specimens and cultures
Waste Handling Policy # 2005
Biohazard Waste, Chemical & Hazardous Waste, Radioactive Waste, Recyclable Waste, Universal Waste

Research Contacts

If you have difficulty locating policies, regulations or have questions regarding research procedures at UNMC:

 Ken Bayles, PhD
Associate Vice-Chancellor for Basic Science Research
 Chris Kratochvil, MD
Associate Vice-Chancellor for Clinical Research

Paula Turpen, PhD
Director Research Resources

Points of Contact
Clinical Trials - IRB Office
Fiscal Policy - Financial Compliance
Information Security - Sharon Wellna
Intellectual Property - UNeMed
Privacy - Sheila Wrobel
Patient Questions - Research Subject Advocates
Sponsored Research - SPA
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