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Bruce Buehler, MD, Research Subject Advocate (left) and Deborah Meyer, RN, CCRP, Associate Research Subject Advocate (right)

The Research Subject Advocate (RSA) Office was created as part of the Clinical and Translational Research Science Award planning process to 1) ensure the safety and protection of human subjects, and 2) provide community education about processes in place to safeguard research subject safety within clinical and translational research trials and programs.

 The RSA and Associate RSA are available to assist UNMC clinical and translational researchers in:

  • developing protocols that minimize research subject risk and clearly communicate the risk-benefit ratio of study protocols
  • reviews all research protocols submitted to the Center for Clinical and Translational Research requesting research support to identify any research subject safety concerns
  • works closely with and extends the role of the IRB in assuring the safety of research subjects at UNMC through community outreach programs.

The RSA and Associate RSA are also available to assist the community by:

  •  making presentations to community groups interested in learning more about or who have concerns about research and research subject safety, or to report any concerns about specific research projects

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Research Subject Advocate Office

Bruce Buehler, MD Research Subject Advocate
Deborah Meyer, RN, Associate Research Subject Advocate
Phone:  402-559-6941

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