The University of Nebraska Medical Center promotes occupational safety and health practices and strives to reduce work-related accidents and injuries through a formal injury and illness prevention plan. The program is built on the premise that each employee has the responsibility to: plan each job to assure proper safety equipment is available and used, know what actions to take in the event of emergencies, report any injuries or potential injuries and any unsafe conditions. 

Call the Safety Operations office at 402.559.6944 if you have questions about a specific laboratory, facility or workplace concern.

Pipette and Pipette Tip Disposal

Per our UNMC #2005 Waste Handling Policy these items are defined as biohazardous waste no matter how they are used.   All pipettes and pipette tips must be disposed as biohazard waste even if they are autoclaved.  For convenience we have allowed used pipettes and pipette tips to be collected in boxes for disposal lined with plastic bags.  When ready for disposal the bag should be twisted closed and tied in a single knot (liquid tight), the box closed and placed in a biohazardous waste container for disposal.     This process will protect those that must handle these items through the disposal process.  



Information on biohazardous waste at:

Educational handout:  

UNMC #2005 Waste Handling Policy:


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Biologic Exposure Algorithm

Needle Sticks, Chemical, Radiation, Biological, Animal Exposures on Campus

All Employees (TNMC, BMC, UNMC, UNMC-P) & Students report exposure promptly to:

OUCH Call Center:
CALL:  402-559-OUCH (6824)
PAGE:  402-888-OUCH (6824)

DO NOT WAIT.  Report immediately. The Medical Call Center is available everyday around the clock to provide post exposure medical guidance for all types of exposures including needle sticks, chemical, radiation, biological, animal, etc. They can be reached directly by calling the OUCH line 9-OUCH (9-6824) off campus 402-559-6825. You can also use the OUCH Pager 402-888-6824.