The fiscal agent of the University of Nebraska Medical Center for clinical trials

UNeHealth is the front door for commercial, clinical research contracting for UNMC, UNMC Physicians and The Nebraska Medical Center.  Led by representatives from all three entities; UNeHealth centralizes and streamlines processes among the three organizations. 

The not-for-profit entity will increase efficiency and effectiveness, boost visibility of commercial clinical research and ensure that contract budgets take into consideration the best interests of all three entities, said Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Christopher Kratochvil.  Researchers can expect contracts to go through this one entity, with the goal to speed contract negotiations to completion.  Contracts will now be signed by UNeHealth officials rather than separate officials of the three different organizations.  Facilitating commercial clinical research, UNeHealth seeks to create a more appealing environment for industry collaborations.

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phone:  402-559-7614
email:  unehealth@unmc.edu

Chris Kratochvilm MD

Christopher Kratochvil, MD
Chief Medical Officer, UNeHealth
Associate Vice-Chancellor for Clinical Research, UNMC