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Jeffrey W. Schmidt, Ph.D.

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Graduate Student


2008 B.A., Biology, Saint John's University, Collegeville, MN

2008 - 2013, Graduate Student, Cancer Research Graduate Program (CRGP), Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases, University of Nebraska Medical Center


Jeff joined our group in January of 2009. He studies the role of Jak2/Stat5 signaling in mammary epithelial cells and hematopoietic cells. In 2009, he received a one-year graduate fellowship through the UNMC Cancer Research Training Program (CRTP). In 2010, Jeff won second place for his oral presentation at the 41th Midwest Student Biomedical Research Forum, and since July of 2010, he is supported through the UNMC Graduate Studies Office on a Research Assistantship. In 2010, Jeff was awarded a second prize award for his poster presentation at the FASEB sponsored conference on "Receptor Tyrosine Kinases: Biology and Cancer." In 2011, he received the the Eppley Institute's Shawn Jessen Memorial Award and an AACR Scholar-in-Training Award supported by Susan G. Komen for the Cure® to attend the San Antonio Breast Cancer symposium. Jeff is currently supported by a DoD predoctoral award. He defended his dissertation on April 22, 2013 [Title: Novel Roles for Jak2/Stat5 Signaling in Mammary Gland Development, Cancer, and Immune Dysregulation].


Creamer, B.A.; K. Sakamoto; J.W. Schmidt; A.A. Triplett, R. Moriggl and K.-U. Wagner (2010): Stat5 promotes survival of mammary epithelial cell through transcriptional activation of a distinct promoter in Akt1. Mol. Cell. Biol. 30 (12): 2957–2970

Wagner, K.-U. and J.W. Schmidt (2011): The two faces of Janus kinases and their respective STATs in mammary gland development and cancer. Journal of Carcinogenesis 10 (32): 50-59

Sakamoto, K.; J.W. Schmidt and K.-U. Wagner (2012): Generation of a novel MMTV-tTA transgenic mouse strain for the targeted expression of genes in the embryonic and postnatal mammary gland. PLoS ONE 7(8): e43778

Schmidt, J.W. and K.-U. Wagner (2012): Activation of Janus Kinases During Tumorigenesis in “Jak-Stat Signaling: From Basics to Disease”; edited by Decker, T. and Muller, M., Springer Publishing, ISBN: 978-3-7091-0890-1 (in press)

Lin, W.C. ‡; J.W. Schmidt ‡; B.A. Creamer; A.A. Triplett and K.-U. Wagner * (2013): Gain-of-function of Stat5 leads to excessive granulopoiesis and lethal extravasation of granulocytes to the lung. PLoS ONE 8 (4): e60902  ‡ contributed equally

Schmidt, J.W.; B.L. Wehde;  K. Sakamoto; A.A. Triplett; S.M. Anderson; P.N. Tsichlis; G. Leone and K.-U. Wagner (2014):  Stat5 regulates the PI3-kinase/Akt1 pathway during mammary gland development and tumorigenesis. Mol. Cell. Biol. 34 (7):1363-1377

Schmidt, J.W.; B.L. Wehde;  K. Sakamoto; A.A. Triplett; S.M. W.W. West and K.-U. Wagner (2014): Novel transcripts from a distinct promoter that encode the full-length Akt1 in human breast cancer cells. BMC Cancer 14 (1):195