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Kazuhito Sakamoto, Ph.D.

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Research Assistant Professor

University of Nebraska Medical Center
985950 Nebraska Medical Center, DRCII
Omaha, NE 68198-5950
Tel: (402) 559-3536
Fax: (402) 559-8270



1999 - B.Sc., Animal Science, Nippon Veterinary and Animal Science University (Japan)

2001 - M.Sc., Animal Science, Tohoku University (Japan)

2004 - Ph.D., Animal Science, Tohoku University (Japan); thesis: "Regulation of functional differentiation of bovine mammary epithelial cells in vitro"

2004 - 2011
Visiting Research Associate, Senior Research Associate (since 2008), Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Kazuhito received a postdoctoral fellowship from the Susan G. Komen Foundation (2008-2009).



Triplett, A.A.; K. Sakamoto; L.A. Matulka; L. Shen; G.H. Smith and K.-U. Wagner (2005): Expression of the Whey Acidic Protein (Wap) is necessary for adequate nourishment of the offspring but not functional differentiation of mammary epithelial cells.
Genesis 43 (1): 1-11

Sakamoto, K; B.A. Creamer; A.A. Triplett and K.-U. Wagner (2007): The Janus kinase 2 (Jak2) is required for expression and nuclear accumulation of Cyclin D1 in proliferating mammary epithelial cells.
Molecular Endocrinology 21 (8): 1877-1892

Neilson, L.M.; J. Zhu; J. Xie; M.G. Malabarba; K. Sakamoto ; K.-U. Wagner; R.A. Kirken and H. Rui (2007): Coactivation of Jak1 Positively Modulates Prolactin-Jak2 Signaling in Breast Cancer: Recruitment of ERK and Stat3 and Enhancement of Akt and Stat5a/b Pathways.
Molecular Endocrinology 21 (9): 2218–2232

Sakamoto, K.; W.C. Lin; A.A. Triplett and K.-U. Wagner (2009): Targeting Jak2 in Her2/neu-expressing mammary cancer: implications for cancer prevention and therapy. Cancer Research 69 (16): 6642-6650

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Sakamoto, K; A.A. Triplett; L.A. Schuler and K.-U. Wagner (2010): Jak2 is required for the initiation but not maintenance of prolactin-induced mammary cancer. Oncogene 29 (39): 5359-5369

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Sakamoto, K.; J.W. Schmidt and K.-U. Wagner (2012): Generation of a novel MMTV-tTA transgenic mouse strain for the targeted expression of genes in the embryonic and postnatal mammary gland. PLoS ONE 7(8): e43778

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Zhang, Q.; K. Sakamoto and K.-U. Wagner (2014): D-type Cyclins are important downstream effectors of cytokine signaling that regulate the proliferation of normal and neoplastic mammary epithelial cells. Mol. Cell. Endocrinol. 382: 583–592 (Epub April 4, 2013)

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Akada, H.; S. Akada; R.E. Hutchison; K. Sakamoto; K.-U. Wagner and G. Mohi (2014): Critical role of Jak2 in the maintenance and function of adult hematopoietic stem cells. Stem Cells, in press