Chancellor's Board of Counselors

Statewide advisory group

The UNMC Chancellor’s Board of Counselors is a statewide citizen advisory group charged with two major responsibilities. 

First, members serve as “ambassadors” for UNMC.  They learn about our world-class programs and share this knowledge with others at every opportunity.  Second, UNMC leaders seek advice and counsel from members.  What are we doing right or wrong?  What should our priorities be?  How can we better tell the “UNMC story”?

Members of the Board of Counselors are committed to helping UNMC foster relationships and engagement opportunities throughout the state. These may come in many forms, such as arranging a speaking engagement for the Chancellor in your community, acting as an advocate for UNMC, or attending a regional Board of Counselor’s meeting with the Chancellor. 

 Mission & Vision

This Board of Counselors shall be advisory to the Chancellor of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, who also serves as a Vice President of the University of Nebraska. Membership on the Board of Counselors shall indicate a commitment to the Medical Center’s goal of improving health and life of all peoples through quality education and service programs and through research in the health sciences. The Board of Counselors shall strengthen communication between the Medical Center and the communities it serves so that each can be more responsive and mutually reinforcing in meeting the health needs of the state of Nebraska.