Interim Vice Chancellor for Business, Finance and Economic Development

Don Leuenberger

Don LeuenbergerA veteran of state government and university leadership, Don Leuenberger and his team in UNMC Business and Finance are forging new paths in green technology, facility upgrading, information technology and infrastructure development.

Leuenberger is the interim vice chancellor for business, finance and economic development and special assistant to the chancellor. He served as vice chancellor from 1988 until his retirement in 2015. He then served as special assistant to the chancellor and returned as interim vice chancellor in 2017. In his role, he oversees the facilities, finance, information technology and human resources of UNMC, while leading the development and implementation of new infrastructure. 

A native of Fort Wayne, Ind., Leuenberger has held various leadership positions in Nebraska state government, beginning with the administration of Gov. Norbert Tiemann. He has served as state budget director and state tax commissioner. He was assistant vice president and director of computing for the University of Nebraska Central Administration from 1983 to 1987.

In 1995, while Leuenberger was UNMC vice chancellor, Gov. Ben Nelson asked him to direct the Department of Social Services and to lead the restructuring of the state’s five health and human services agencies, now known as the Nebraska Health and Human Services System. He returned to his post at UNMC in late 1997.