Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety serves as an umbrella that holds the units of patrol, police investigations, dispatch, emergency management, youth safety and a support unit that includes access management, security camera management, and alarms.

The patrol unit includes both law enforcement officers and security officers. Both are university employees, working diligently to provide the safest environment possible to our campus community.

The officers are distinguishable by their uniforms and vehicles. Security officers wear gray shirts and black pants and drive a white security vehicle. Law enforcement officers wear black shirts and black pants and drive black cruisers.

Both teams work to increase the safety of those who work on, learn at and visit our campus.

The department is also advancing its staff training efforts in areas such as de-escalation, threat assessment, standards/compliance and outreach. They work closely with IT and facilities to identify partnership opportunities to enhance building safety through environmental design, visitor management, and camera functions.

On campus, Public Safety enforces all University and Nebraska Medicine regulations. They enforce city ordinances, state statutes and federal laws, and work very closely with the city, county, state and federal authorities.

Public Safety can be contacted in the following ways: