Campus Security

Campus security is coordinated by the UNMC security department which has 41 uniformed officers.

Members of the UNMC security department are not armed. They conduct foot, vehicular, and bicycle patrols of the campus 24 hours a day in an effort to deter criminal acts. On campus, the UNMC security department enforces all University and Nebraska Medicine regulations and works very closely with the Omaha Police Department, county, state and federal authorities.

The Security Office can be contacted in the following ways:

A security substation is located in University Hospital, Room 2202

Members of the campus community are encouraged to make prompt and accurate reports to the UNMC Security Department and external law enforcement agencies.

Lost/Found Property

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The security office maintains a lost and found program.

Individuals finding personal property on UNMC/Nebraska Medicine property should contact the security business office, 402.559.4439, at the earliest opportunity and make arrangements to turn over the found property to the security department.