Strategic Planning

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) utilizes an annual Strategic Plan based on 8 goals and associated strategies. While the overall goals are consistent year to year, goal strategies may be altered, added or replaced as needs change.

UNMC STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS: Each Fall, Colleges, Institutes and business, educational, research and clinical units assess the internal (strengths, weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities, threats) that could affect their unit. These factors are gathered and considered at a December Strategic Planning meeting with Deans, Vice Chancellors, Directors and other UNMC leaders who recommend changes to strategies for the coming year. Their input is reviewed by the Strategic Planning Group and the Chancellor’s staff to modify or develop a roster of strategies for the coming year. Following discussion, review and approval by the Chancellor’s Council, the revised Strategic Plan is made available to all UNMC faculty, staff and trainees for their review and input. Their suggestions are reviewed by the Strategic Planning group and a revised Strategic Plan is provided to the Chancellor’s Staff and Council for final review and approval by March 1. These goals and strategies then form the basis for each unit to develop organizational strategic initiatives (OSI’s) during their Spring strategic planning process for the relevant strategies of each goal.

UNEPLAN: UNePlan is a web-based strategic planning/performance management tool that allows units to track and align initiatives with UNMC goals and strategic priorities. Each unit adds their initiatives to UNePlan and then documents their progress of initiatives throughout the academic year. OSI’s can be one year or multi-year initiatives. Multi-year initiatives carry over to succeeding year plans until completed. UNMC faculty and leadership can follow progress of unit initiatives during the academic year.


GOAL 1: EDUCATIONAL LEARNER FOCUS: Establish UNMC and its educational programs as the most learner-centered university in health professions and in interprofessional education.

GOAL 2: RESEARCH SCOPE AND PRMINENCE: Increase the research scope, prominence and impact of UNMC as a top tier academic health sciences center.

GOAL 3: CLINICAL EXCELLENCE: Establish UNMC and our clinical partners as an academic health system providing the highest quality care that is recognized for outstanding patient outcomes and a compassionate and patient-centered care experience.

GOAL 4: COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Provide a healthier future for urban and rural Nebraska communities through increased community engagement.

GOAL 5: DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSIVITY: Ensure UNMC is an exemplary culturally sensitive, diverse and inclusive organization in its mission of transforming lives through preeminent education, innovative research and extraordinary care.

GOAL 6: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Diversity and strengthen the regional and global economic impact of UNMC’s educational, research and clinical programs.

GOAL 7: ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE: Strengthen faculty, student and employee loyalty, satisfaction and wellness by enhancing organizational programs and culture.

GOAL 8: ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP: Ensure exemplary campus-wide organizational leadership and management for planning, program development and implementation of all the UNMC mission-driven strategic goals and initiatives.