Academic Affiliation Agreements


Academic Affiliation Agreements
Contact Academic Affairs or your college representative for more information.

Other Types of Contracts
Contact the Chief Compliance Officer, Sarah Gloden Carlson, JD, at 402-559-6767 or via email for more information. 

Also refer to UNMC Policy No. 8009 for details on contracts.

Job Shadowing
Contact the Office of Health Professions Education at Nebraska Medicine, as it is a different program.

The Academic Affiliation Agreement is a required legal document between UNMC and outside organizations (either domestic or international) accepting UNMC students and for all students who come to UNMC from other educational institutions for clinical experience.

The agreement provides coverage for all students placed with the organization and is not project or student specific. It must be completed prior to the beginning term of the placement or providing services to the organization.

When is an Affiliation Agreement required?

An agreement is required when a student is placed for academic course credit. This applies to all organizations outside of UNMC that accept UNMC students and to all students who come to UNMC from other educational institutions for clinical experience.

Any volunteer experiences, internships, or fellowships that are not completed for academic course credit do not require an Academic Affiliation Agreement.

What is the process for obtaining an Academic Affiliation Agreement?

The Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs oversees and coordinates all Academic Affiliation Agreements (signature authority). The process for the agreement is as follows:

STEP 1: The student contacts their college representative or UNMC Academic Affairs as soon as the organization is identified to determine appropriate requirements. Due to varying terms and conditions of certain Academic Affiliation Agreements, these requirements must be handled on a case-by-case basis.

  This step should be taken as soon as possible since the length of time to complete an agreement varies.

STEP 2: When deemed appropriate, the college representative will facilitate the agreement process, after obtaining the appropriate organization contact information from the student and/or college faculty member.

STEP 3: The agreement must be reviewed by the organization and signed by the appropriate signatory, often times the director.

STEP 4: The agreement is then signed by appropriate UNMC signatories (see more details about the Contract Signature Authority).

Additional Requirements

The organization may have additional requirements (background checks, drug testing, immunizations, etc.) before on-site placement can begin. If these are required and the organization does not cover the expense, the student will be responsible for the expense. A list of current Affiliation Agreements may be provided by college representatives, but additional requirements may apply as indicated.