Export Control

Export Control Compliance identifies and manages export risks and provides licenses in support of UNMC faculty, staff and students. Although most UNMC activities are not subject to export controls or licensing requirements, each member of our staff must be familiar with the regulations to ensure appropriate guidance is sought and action taken should they apply.

Export controls are designed to ensure sensitive information, technology, software, biological and chemical agents, equipment and know-how are not employed for purposes other than their intended use. Export regulations apply to:

Most UNMC research activities are excluded from export controls by the fundamental research exemption. However, proprietary research and industrial development, design, production and use, the results of which ordinarily are restricted for proprietary or national security reasons, are subject to export control regulations and are not exempt under the fundamental research exception. Furthermore, contractual restrictions on disseminating research results (for example, those that require sponsor approval before publication or generally prevent results from being publicly available) preclude the fundamental research exemption and thus export control regulations apply.