Research Conduct Policies

Do you suspect misconduct?

Call the UNMC Compliance Hotline at 1-844-348-9584 or submit an online form.

Or, contact the Research Integrity Officer, Dr. Gary C. Yee, at 402-559-5108 or via email.

If you are unsure whether research misconduct has occurred, you may contact Dr. Yee for an informal discussion, including anonymously or hypothetically, which shall ordinarily be confidential.

UNMC Policies

UNMC, as a recipient of federal funds, has instituted policies which govern conduct and expectations related to the conduct of research. 

Research Integrity (Policy No. 8003)

This policy is regarding alleged research misconduct, not authorship or collaboration disputes. It applies to all individuals at UNMC engaged in research, including non-funded projects, projects supported by the Public Health Service (PHS), the National Science Foundation (NSF), other governmental entities, and private funding sources. It also applies to any person paid by, under control of or affiliated with UNMC, including faculty, staff, trainees, students, fellows, guest researchers, and collaborators.

Code of Conduct (Policy No. 8006)

This policy is regarding ethical standards and legal obligations for individuals at UNMC as they perform their daily activities. It applies to all UNMC faculty, staff, and students.

Federal Policies

UNMC complies with multiple federal policies and regulations regarding research integrity, including: