Student Interprofessional Society (SiS)

IPE Student Society

The Student interprofessional Society represents all UNMC health care training programs and provides input regarding all aspects of the IPE curriculum at UNMC, including feedback about existing activities and suggestions for new educational opportunities for IPE integration.

The Executive Board of Student interprofessional Society include:

Contact : 402-836-9350 or email (Student President)

*Recruitment for the 2020/2021 Student Society is ongoing. 

Faculty Advisors Dean Collier, PharMD, B.C.P.S., College of Pharmacy
Presidents Morgan Harris - College of Medicine
McKenzie Rowe - College of Medicine
Curicular Development & Innovation Minden Huntrods - College of Pharmacy/ College of Public Health
Co-Chair TBD
IPE Day Feedback & Improvement Christopher Elbracht - College of Pharmacy
Erin Johnson - College of Public Health
Social Engagement & Simulation Libby Moberg- College of Medicine
Christopher Thompson - Graduate Studies
College Representatives
College of Medicine TBD
College of Nursing TBD
College of Pharmacy TBD
College of Public Health TBD
Graduate Studies TBD
College of Allied Health Professions TBD