Application for Membership

 Application period opens in April, 2018

Initial Membership Criteria

Application will be by self-nomination and will include:

1. Online application
- Delineation of  established or emerging area(s) excellence per this matrix with associated narrative with supporting evidence
            - Potential interest group involvement
            - IAE committee interest
2. Letter of support from candidate’s chair, supervisor, or appropriate designee.
3. Letters of support from two students, learners, or early career faculty members.
4. Current CV.

Criteria for continuing membership

UNMC Faculty Members

• must devote at least 12 hours annually to academy functions, including participate in two general academy meetings per year (live or via teleconferencing).and one educational service / scholarship activity equivalent with the approval of the Membership committee). Examples of these  include: Involvement in the creation or presentation of:
• Educational workshop per year.
• Serve as a teaching coach/peer review a course or module (item larger than an individual lecture).
• Mentor early career educator.
• Create teaching video/module for the academy or other peer-reviewed website
•  Author a peer reviewed educational publication.
• Present an educationally-related project at a local, national, or international meeting

Community Educators

• must devote at least 3 hours per year to academy functions, Participate in one general academy meeting per year (live or via teleconferencing is strongly encouraged). In addition, community educators should participate in one educational service/scholarship activity form of teaching service with the approval of the Membership committee):
• Serve as an advisor/peer reviewer for the development or revision of a course or module (item larger than an individual lecture).
• Mentor a health science student
• Serve as an advisor or peer reviewer for an academy-related program or project
• Present or be involved in the preparation of an academy-related event

Members are required to report their service in the above areas at the end of each academic year to the Membership Committee for review.  Those members that the Committee feels are at risk of not fulfilling the criteria for continuing membership will meet with the director/associate directors.

 Member Benefits