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Do you have a killer idea? Think you have what it takes to swim with the sharks? This year’s Premier Education 2020 event is Shark Tank: Dive Deep for Change. During this live event, contestants will present innovative ideas aimed at enhancing the learning environment to a panel of “sharks”. The audience will also be encouraged to participate by voting for their favorite project. The winner will be awarded a grant of up to $15,000 for their project. Funds may be solely awarded to the top proposal or distributed among projects.

The Premier Education planning committee is currently seeking proposals for participation. This grant opportunity was created to support some of the Premier Education event’s key initiatives which include educational innovation, creativity, and collaboration. To be considered, applicants must submit a proposal application. Authors are encouraged to submit project proposals with a particular focus on interdisciplinary and/or multi-institutional (non-University of Nebraska) collaboration.

Following the submission deadline, proposals will be reviewed, and three to four finalists will be selected. Finalists will be required to present during a live event on August 20. The contestants will have seven minutes to present, after which the sharks will provide seven minutes of feedback. This event is a unique opportunity to receive direct feedback from educational experts and get insight into the types of things review panels consider. Award winner(s) will be determined by the combined feedback of the judges and the audience.

Additional Details

Application Details  
Application must include the following information
  • Proposal
    • Page Specifications
      • 8.5x11 page size
      • 1-2 pages
      • 1” margins
      • 12 pt. Arial font
    • Describe your proposed research using the bulleted headings below. Additional information has been included in parentheses under each heading; please delete this information before submitting your proposal. Proposals should be no more than two (2) single-spaced pages in 12-point Arial font and 1-inch margins (not including the References section below).
      • Rational of the innovation study (Describe the state of the field; statement of the problem. Why should this research be done?)
      • Qualifications of the research team (List members of the research team, including the PI and any co-investigators, with institutional affiliations noted. Briefly describe each member's role in the project and their relevant skills and expertise. Each description should be 2-3 sentences in length)
      • References (A maximum of 10 relevant references may be included. Be sure to reference prior work in the area of study.)
      • Video (Optional): Applicants are welcome and encouraged to submit a short 1- to 2-minute video along with their submission showcasing their presentation style.

Save your document as a PDF and upload with additional cover page details using the form below

Funding and Eligibility  
  • Amount of Funding
    • $15,000 max.
    • Funds may be solely awarded to the best proposal or may be distributed among projects
    • Funds must be used at UNMC
  • Eligibility
    • Open to UNMC faculty, residents, staff, and students
    • Interprofessional collaborations are encouraged
    • Any non-PI applicants are required to include a PI-eligible faculty member as co-PI on the application.
Award Process  
  • Submit Applications
    •  Applications should provide a 1-page overview of the project’s specific aims.
  • Present research idea at “Shark Tank” style event. 
    • Invitations to present will be communicated to the finalists by July 1
    • A “Shark Tank” event will be held on August 20. Finalists will be allocated fourteen minutes to present their research idea (seven minutes to present and seven minutes for Q&A). The audience will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite presentation.
    • Winner(s) will be determined based on the feedback of the sharks and audience votes. Awardees will be notified, and grants will be formally awarded.
Key Dates  
  • Monday, June 1, 2020 – Application due date
  • Wednesday, July 1, 2020 – Finalists will be determined and notified
  • Thursday, August 20, 2020 – Shark Tank live presentations