How to Find a Mentor

The easiest way to find a mentor is through an existing mentoring program established by your department or college. Some areas already have mechanisms in place to assign a mentor to new faculty members. If you are unsure about whether your area has an existing program, contact Faculty Affairs.

If you need to find a mentor on your own, there are a few strategies you can employ:

Once you have a potential mentor in mind, ask for a meeting. Start small with your request. You may not want to say outright, "Will you be my mentor?" Start by simply asking them to meet with you or have lunch together. Ask them about their mentoring experiences, tell them about your needs, and explain why you think mentoring would be beneficial to you. Then you can make the request for them to be your mentor.

However, before you ask someone to be your mentor, make sure both of you understand the difference between mentoring and coaching