hlc multisite visit

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) conducted a Multi-Site Visit at the College of Nursing (CON) Northern Division in Norfolk, and the College of Dentistry (COD) in Lincoln in November 2019. These visits are part of the Open Pathway Cycle and take place in years 3 and 8 of the 10-Year Cycle. The Open Pathway Cycle also includes a Comprehensive Evaluation in Year 10, an Assurance Review in Year 4 and a Quality Initiative Project in years 5-9. UNMC, which has been accredited by the HLC since 1913, completed its last Comprehensive Evaluation in 2016 and will complete its Year 4 Assurance review in 2021. 

The Multi-Site Visit was conducted by an HLC Peer Reviewer of a representative sample of UNMC's locations. The purpose of the visit is to confirm effective oversight of the additional locations. The peer reviewer conducted phone calls and in-person meetings with college deans and administrators, academic deans, student success staff, library and academic support staff, faculty and students. In addition, physical facilities, including classrooms, labs, libraries and technology services were also reviewed. 

The Peer Reviewer prepared a report, which was provided to UNMC in January 2020, rates the additional locations 'Adequate' or 'Attention Needed' in instructional oversight, academic services, student success, facilities, marketing and recruitment, and assessment of student performance. Both the CON Northern Division location and the COD in Lincoln locations received 'Adequate' ratings in all areas.

A summary of the report can be reviewed here.