In 2019, the Office of Accreditation and Assessment implemented AEFIS as a key project tool for the ILO Initiative. AEFIS (Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback, Intervention System), is a cloud-based assessment data management platform and will serve as a centralized system for real-time assessment data collection and outcomes reporting. AEFIS also provides the following functions:



Different levels of learning objective and assessment data will populate the system and be linked to one another. Therefore, the user will be able to see the hierarchical linkages of a course objective, i.e., course objective linked to programs objectives, to college objectives, and finally to ILOs. As UNMC begins collecting curricular, assessment, and accreditation data, learning outcomes can be directly linked to UNMC’s mission and institutional values. 

AEFIS also offers different dashboard views that allow users to see different schematics, such how many course objectives are linked to one specific course objective, concentration of ILOs within a specific program, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AEFIS  
AEFIS (Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback & Intervention System) is a web-based assessment management platform that facilitates the collection and application of real-time assessment data. AEFIS also offers many different modules such as a student portfolios, evaluation and surveys, accreditation management, and course syllabi management.
When is AEFIS available for use?  
The UNMC has an AEFIS site license for academic years 2019-2021. AEFIS implementation (and training) is a 8-12 week process occurring April-July 2019. The Office of Accreditation & Assessment expects AEFIS to go-live at the beginning of Fall 2019.
Who manages AEFIS at UNMC?  
The Office of Accreditation & Assessment (Academic Affairs).
Who is required to get AEFIS training?  
Anyone planning to use AEFIS will need to be trained.
How do I get trained on AEFIS?  
During implementation, AEFIS will conduct training customized for different levels of user access and needs. These training sessions will also be recorded and made available for subsequent training and review.
Who do I contact when experiencing AEFIS issues?  
Each college will have a local AEFIS expert who can handle questions regarding how to use AEFIS. Technical issues can be directed to AEFIS Technical support. AEFIS Technical Support is available by email 24/7 and phone support Monday thru Friday 8:30AM to 5:30PM EST. You can email us at or call us at 877-674-3122 to speak directly with an AEFIS Support Team representative.
How do I get Canvas assessment data in AEFIS?  
AEFIS can sync directly with Canvas, via LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) therefore, assessment data (from Canvas assessment) can flow directly into AEFIS.
How do I get ExamSoft assessment data in AEFIS?  
Currently, ExamSoft data will need to be imported into AEFIS as an Excel csv file.
Will AEFIS replace other software or academic technologies on campus?  
AEFIS does offer some modules (i.e., evaluation/survey tools, course syllabi tool) that may be useful to many users, however, there are no immediate plans for AEFIS to replace any products such as EvalKit or CourseLeaf.