UNMC Assessment Committee

Assessment Committee Mission
The UNMC Assessment Committee is comprised of members from each college as well as several institutional units devoted to academic and student affairs. The Committee works with the Office of Accreditation and Assessment (OAA) to heighten the institution's culture of assessment and promote the importance of systemic and ongoing assessment to improve student learning experiences and outcomes.


Committee Members:

College of Allied Health Professions
Sarah McBrien, PhD, Director of Curricular & Learning Assessment | Email

College of Dentistry
Yun Saksena, B.D.Sc., M.M.Sc., D.MD, Associate Dean for Education | Email
Gigi Rogers, Quality Assurance Coordinator | Email

College of Medicine
Geoffrey A. Talmon, MD, Assistant Dean for Medical Education | Email

College of Nursing
Teresa Hultquist, PhD, RN, PHCNS-BC, NE-BC, Director of Evaluation | Email

College of Pharmacy
Dean Collier, PharMD, BCPS, Clinical Associate Professor | Email 
Donald Klepser, PHD, Associate Professor, Vice Chair | Email

College of Public Health
Christine M. Arcari, PhD, MPH, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs & Student Affairs | Email

Graduate Studies
Kendra Schmid, PhD (Chair), Assistant Dean, Campus Director of Assessment | Email
Karen Gould, PhD, Associate Professor | Email
Megan Brown, MS, MSEd, Ed Prog. Coord. | Email
Terri Vadovski, Director | Email 

Information Technology
Melissa Diers, Senior Instructional Designer | Email
Julie Gregg, Instructional Designer | Email

Interprofessional Academy of Educators
Kim Michael, MA, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, FSDMS, Program Director, Associate Professor | Email
Ron Shope, PhD, Educational Researcher, Professor | Email

Interprofessional Education (IPE)
Devin Nickol, MD, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs | Email

McGoogan Library
Teresa Hartman, MLS, Associate Professor, Education & Research Services | Email

Office of Accreditation & Assessment
Ong Vang, MA (Ex officio), Accreditation & Assessment Specialist | Email
Luther Mardock, MA Ed (Ex officio), Accreditation & Assessment Coordinator | Email