Assessing ITEACH in Student Learning: ITEACH Values Rubric

In January 2019, the Office of Accreditation and Assessment in collaboration with the UNMC Assessment Committee, established the ITEACH institutional learning objectives (ILOs). The ITEACH ILOs are derived from the UNMC ITEACH Values and identify the desired student development attributes that best reflect the values and mission of the institution.

In order to determine ITEACH ILO outcomes, colleges were asked to pilot a curriculum mapping schema (in a few programs) that linked the ITEACH ILOs to college, program, and course learning objectives. The UNMC Assessment developed the ITEACH Values rubric as a curriculum mapping aid.

Click here to download ITEACH Values Rubric and Guiding Document

Please contact the Office of Accreditation and Assessment,, with any questions regarding the ITEACH Value rubric.