About Us

Building Relationships & Collaboration

The mission of the Office of Community Engagement is to build mutually beneficial relationships and collaborations between UNMC faculty, staff, and students and the communities we serve.

Carnegie Foundation Designation

Special Designation

In 2015, UNMC became the first health care campus in the country to be designated by the Carnegie Foundation as a Community Engaged Campus.

The office was officially founded in September 2015, however its roots go back to 2009 when the Service Legacy Academy, led by Dr. Ruti Margalit, founded the Legacy Projects. These projects are unique, interdisciplinary opportunities for UNMC students that provide engaging, educational programming and hands-on experience with our community.

Along with the overall administration of the Legacy Projects, the Office of Community Engagement seeks to form additional community partnerships and student learning opportunities.


How We're Different from the Office of Community-Engaged Research

We are unique from the Office of Community-Engaged Research because our broad scope in connecting all areas of the health sciences goes beyond research. The Office of Community-Engaged Research promotes research addressing the social determinants of health in the Great Plains region through collaborative partnerships between researchers, patients, health care providers, and rural communities.

Clinical & Translational Science programs aim to strengthen and support the spectrum of translational research by accelerating the process of translating laboratory discoveries into treatments for patients, training a new generation of clinical and translational researchers, and engaging communities in clinical research efforts.