Institutional Information

Colleges and Programs

Because of UNMC’s burgeoning research enterprise, students learn from scientists and clinicians who are at the leading edge of discovering new breakthroughs for life. Our colleges and programs include:


The president of the University of Nebraska leads all 4 campuses in academic affairs, budget development and control, business and finance, physical planning, policy development, external affairs, diversity and equity, and legal affairs. The chancellors of the 4 campuses also serve as vice presidents of the university and as chief operating officers on their own campus. Learn more about the administrative offices of the University of Nebraska.

Board of Regents

The University of Nebraska Board of Regents consists of 8 voting members elected by district for 6-year terms, 4 non-voting student regents who serve during their tenure as student body president, and a corporation secretary. The board supervises the general operations of the university, and the control and direction of all expenditures. Learn more about the Board of Regents.

Peer Institutions

The UNMC Board of Regents peer institutions include: